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EM Ceramics

Can Ceramic Beads be used around my plants to deter pests?

We have 2 ceramic powders that we recommend for using in gardens, but not as a pesticide more as a prebiotic that helps the microbes in EM-1 thrive. However we do have a homemade pesticide we recommend called EM-5. See  https://www.teraganix

Can Super Cera Powder be used in my worm bins along with my bokashi compost?

Worms do love minerals. So, adding a little Super Cera will be fine. I would add a tablespoon per bokashi bucket.

How long does it take to remove chlorine from water with ceramics? How long does it take to structure the water?

It will take ceramics appx 30 minutes to remove chlorine from water; however, it will take them 4 hrs to restructure the water.  Structuring will make the water cluster sizes smaller and more available to the body. In other words, it will hydrate you

EM pipe in gas tank increases mileage?

There were ceramics made for vehicles.  They are no longer made.  We cannot advise to add the current ceramics we have available to us to be used inside a gas tank.

N Type Ceramics

How long do N type ceramics last: N type will break down over time, K type are indefinite with recharging. The Ntype ceramics are considered soft ceramics as they are made in a much lower heat setting - so the more you use the and wash them the

Using Ceramics in Paint

The Super Cera powder is used in construction materials and in agriculture. The powerful vibrational energy as a result of the high temperature firing process is effective in stopping off-gassing of VOC's in building materials, increasing tensile

Broken Ceramics

Yes, they will still structure water even if they are broken.  Please be sure to recharge them by soaking them in EM-1 for 24hours, rinse, and dry completely.  This should be done about every 3 months.  Once the pieces are smaller or if you would

Assuming 5 gallons of water consumed per week, how long would one container of Ktypeceramics last?

K type ceramics last indefinitely with recharging, whereas the N type ceramics will break down over time.

How often do I need to wash ceramics and can they be washed more than once?

They need to be recharged/washed every 3 months by soaking in EM-1 for 24 hours in a 1:20 soak. Soaking liquid can then be dumped in the sink or out in the garden.

Can ceramics be used for flea and tick collars?

Although we have no studies or evidence that ceramics work on flea and ticks, there are people who use K type ceramics to make collars. They claim it works, but we have no proof or studies and we do not endorse or guarantee this use. https://www

What would harm Ceramics, would vinegar destroy them, what about soap or detergent?

Using EM-1 is all you need to clean any ceramics of any odors. However vinegar or a non-abrasive soap would work and not harm them. Don't use any anti-bacterial soaps. We recommend cleaning/recharging the ceramics with EM-1 for 24 hrs every 3 months

EM-X Pipe 35mm Ceramics

The 35mm pipe emits far-infrared rays which change the bond angle and molecule clustering of water, lowering its surface tension, making it "wetter" and more hydrating, and having other benefits for living organisms. You can use several pieces

I purchased one EM-X ceramic pipe 35mm to structure a larger quantity of water for watering plants.

The 35mm is the same material as the K-type, just a different shape. 1 piece is enough for a 55 gallon barrel.  Put the ceramics in the water and let stand for 4 hours. When you use some of the water, say an 8oz galls, refill the container with

Ktype Measurements

Below is information on the Ktype from the manufacturer:   Individual Length: 1.1cm Individual Width/Diameter: 0.9cm Individual Circumference: 2.83cm Individual Weight: 1.18g  ± 0.01 g Bag Net Weight: 504g ± 0.5 g (1.1 lbs) Individual Units

KType High Temp Ceramics

K Type Ceramics High temp Structures water without electricity. Emits far-infrared rays. Long life (recharge by soaking in EM•1®)Uses: Drinking water, storing frying oil, in the bath, in the holding tank of a toilet, in aquariums, water for plants

How long do the Ktype release infrared waves?

Ceramics just need re-charged every 3 months by soaking in a EM1 1:20 mixture for 24 hrs and it will last indefinitely.

How many KType or what other ceramic do I need for a 1 gallon container of water?

You can put about a dozen of K type ceramics in a gallon container, 1 beverage stone, or 1 EMX 35mm pipe. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes before using, but you can leave them in the container for as long as you want.  This removes impurities, including