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I purchased one EM-X ceramic pipe 35mm to structure a larger quantity of water for watering plants.Updated a year ago

The 35mm is the same material as the K-type, just a different shape. 1 piece is enough for a 55 gallon barrel.  Put the ceramics in the water and let stand for 4 hours. When you use some of the water, say an 8oz galls, refill the container with water and let it sit for another hours to structure the new water. Repeat. Every 6 months, take the ceramics out and soak in Activated EM overnight to clean and re-charge them.

*Note - It will take ceramics appx 30 minutes to remove chlorine from water; however, it will take them 4 hrs to restructure the water.  Structuring will make the water cluster sizes smaller and more available to the body. In other words, it will hydrate you better.

Here is a video that talks about water structuring with ceramics:  https://youtu.be/iTYolc7a750

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