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N Type CeramicsUpdated a year ago

How long do N type ceramics last

N type will break down over time, K type are indefinite with recharging.
The Ntype ceramics are considered soft ceramics as they are made in a much lower heat setting - so the more you use the and wash them the quicker they will break down.  The time it takes to do that depends on how much they are used.

What do N type Ceramics do?

In a fish aquarium, residual feed and droppings tend to rot, and ammonium nitrogen is produced. Type N EM-X® Ceramics are effective at absorbing the nitrogen.

Ammonium nitrogen test:
Type N ceramics were put in a solution whose concentration of ammonium nitrogen had been adjusted, and changes of the ammonium nitrogen concentration were measured. While the concentration was initially high, about 20mg/L, it was reduced to almost 0 after 300 hours.

Two weeks to one month later, when the ceramics' capacity to adsorb ammonia becomes low, microorganisms that decompose ammonia settle on the surface of the ceramics and start removing ammonia. Although the adsorption capacity of the ceramics can be recovered by washing and drying, it also washes away beneficial microorganisms. Thus, it is recommended to wash only half the ceramics at a time.

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