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How many KType or what other ceramic do I need for a 1 gallon container of water?Updated a year ago

You can put about a dozen of K type ceramics in a gallon container, 1 beverage stone, or 1 EMX 35mm pipe. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes before using, but you can leave them in the container for as long as you want.  This removes impurities, including chlorine

One pouch of K-type is enough for 500 gallons of water.

For Structuring water:  If only doing 1 gallon at a time, use about a dozen pieces. Put the ceramics in the water and let stand for 4 hours. When you use some of the water, say an 8oz galls, refill the container with water and let it sit for another hours to structure the new water. Repeat. Every 6 months, take the ceramics out and soak in Activated EM overnight to clean and re-charge them.

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