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KType High Temp CeramicsUpdated a year ago

K Type Ceramics High temp

Structures water without electricity.
Emits far-infrared rays.
Long life (recharge by soaking in 
EM•1®)Uses: Drinking water, storing frying oil, in the bath, in the holding tank of a toilet, in aquariums, water for plants, in water for arranged flowers.

  • Quantities for use:
  • 200g for 2 quarts.
  • 1 handful in frying oil
  • 1 bag in the bathtub
  • 1 bag in the toilet
  • 1 handful in an aquarium for 20 gallon tank.
  • 1 bag for 2.5 gallons of plant water.
  • About 10% of the vase capacity for flowers. 

Individual Length: 1.1cm

Individual Width/Diameter: 0.9cm

Individual Circumference: 2.83cm

Individual Weight: 1.18g  ± 0.01 g

Bag Net Weight: 504g ± 0.5 g (1.1 lbs)

Individual Units Total: 428 rough amount per bag


Diameter of the hole in each bead is between 4-5 mm.

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