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PRO EM-1 Liquid Probiotics

FAQ's about PRO EM-1

Does Pro EM-1 contain organic honey?

The manufacturer uses a custom formula to create Pro EM-1 and this does include honey. It can not be produced without it. However most if not all the sugars from honey or molasses in EM products are consumed by the microbes before the customer even

Can I use Pro EM-1 and EM-X Gold Together?

They work very well together. EM-X Gold provides a prebiotic and gives a great environment for the microbes in Pro EM to thrive.  PRO EM-1 contains living probiotics, or "good bacteria" that help fight against the "bad bacteria" most of us hold

Can I take ProEM1 while breastfeeing and will the baby benefit?

Yes this is a great probiotic for breastfeeding,  in fact Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been shown in numerous studies to significantly increase supply. It may also help with the babies tummy issues by putting 1 drop in formula or breastmilk.

Can Pro EM be activated like EM-1:

No, you cannot activate Pro EM-1 like EM-1. Activated products are not safe for human consumption and you could become sick from the fermentation process.

What is PRO-EM1 Liquid Probiotic?

Overview: Naturally fermented Probiotic for a healthy digestive system. Naturally balances good bacteria. Non-GMO All Natural Ingredients Useful Links: Pro EM-1 Product Specification Sheet Probiotic Cook Book Common Questions: What Ingredients are

What Microbes are in ProEM1?

SPECIES OF BENIFICIAL MICROBES Microbial species is another major aspect of an effective probiotic. Certain species of microbes have been heavily studied to not only be able to survive the high acidity of the stomach but provide the key benefits

EM Probiotic Cook Book

Check out our Probiotic Cook Book.  It is available for free download under product details.

Can I double up my Pro EM-1 dose to help with constipation?

Yes. Take 1 tablespoon a day for about a week or two. If you feel like you are not getting the desired results you can increase your dosage, but you should not have discomfort.

Does Pro EM-1 help with candida?

Pro EM-1 contains 5 different strains of bacteria and a beneficial yeast. Our product is never freeze dried, which results in more living strains and microbes that are awake and ready to work.  Check out this video that gives a good explanation of

Why does ProEM1 have aloe vera?

Pro EM-1 does have aloe and honey.  It provides an additional food source for the microbes as well as improves the flavor of the Pro EM-1.  As with starting new probiotics you may experience some loose stools, bloating or urgency to go to the

Is ProEM1 available overseas?

You can find your local distributor at www.emrojapan.com under "Your Local."  If the local distributor is unable to obtain ProEM1 for you, please reach out to EMRO USA (manufacturer) at [email protected]. Make sure you do try your local distributor

What is your ProEM1 fermented from?

ProEM1 is made with all natural ingredients; purified water, organic aloe vera gel, organic molasses and natural honey and a variety of Lactobacillus species. The microbes anaerobically ferments the molasses, aloe and honey.

ProEM-1 in Capsule or tablet for

At this time we don't have any plans to offer a capsule or a tablet.  We have found that the liquid works best and keeps all microbes awake and viable.  You can sterilize some of the travel size bottles and pour what is needed to travel.  Pro EM-1 is

Is EM-X Gold good for people with kidney disease?

EMX Gold should be safe to use as it is an all over health drink.  Please always contact your physician before trying any new supplements.  The EMX Gold should be taken 1 tsp twice daily.  If you add it to warm drinks, such as coffee or tea, it helps

EM-X Gold

EM-X Gold® is a unique prebiotic drink produced by a fermentation process using Effective Microorganisms. Can be used in lots of recipes and in combination with Pro EM-1. Check out our Probiotic Cook Book.  It is available for free download under

How old is the ProEM1 you usually send out?

If you buy direct from our website, the ProEM1 will of have an 7-to-9-month expiration date.   Distributors are aware of the expiration date, but sometimes if you got it from Amazon, they are harder to work with on monitoring those dates.  If you

ProEM1 Bloating/Diarrhea or Constipation

The first thing I have to say is that everyone is different. I can tell you, that in the past 16 years that we have been selling PRO EM-1, that very few people have complained of bloating issues. I can only remember 1.   That being said, I suggest

ProEM1 and Keto

Since Pro EM-1 has not calories or sugar, it will not break ketosis. It is best to take it throughout the day. As for taking with or without food, that depends on your body. It makes a difference for some people and doesn't for others.

I noticed that your ProEM1 product has Rhodopseudomonas palustris in it. Is this GRAS certified for human consumption? Why do you guys put this in the mix?

RP is part of the standard EM Technology formula. It produces many benefits including enzymes and co-enzymes such as CQ-10 and Vitamin A in the bioavailable form of retonin. After ten years of research it was added to the GRAS list in 2012

How do you make microbes in ProEM1 and EM1 stay alive in the bottle?

EM and PRO EM-1 are both made at body temperatures. The organic acids produced during fermentation help stabilize and preserve the microbes for close to a year.

EM-X Gold Research

Any research referenced below is provided by the product manufacturer. EMX Boosting Immune System TeraGanix Health Page EMX Gold

Can ProEM1 and EMX be used together?

They work very well together. EM-X Gold provides a prebiotic and gives a great environment for the microbes in Pro EM to thrive.  PRO EM-1 contains living probiotics, or "good bacteria" that help fight against the "bad bacteria" most of us hold in

What is the difference between Pro EM and EM-X Gold?

EMX Gold is a prebiotic and does not contain live microorganisms but the "stuff" (enzymes, metabolites) that microorganisms need. ProEM1 is a probiotic with live microbes in it. In the United States we recommend EMX Gold as a health drink and a

Do I need refrigerate the drinks and ferments I make from your Probiotic Cookbook?

They will need to be stored at room temperature for fermentation and the time to consume by on each recipe is based on room temperature storage.  Placing in the fridge can extend storage for a month or two. Check out our Probiotic Cook Book.  It is

Can PRO EM-1® be added to raw goat milk or raw goat milk kefir?

Yes, Pro EM-1 does great when added to recipes. And this can be taken at the same time as raw milk kefir (probiotic cultures). Lower the dose if it becomes too much and causes bloating or stomach issues.  For more recipes using ProEM1 for fermenting

Pro EM-1® dosage rates for dogs

Here are the recommended rates for dogs: Weight Daily Feeding Under 20 lbs 0.5 - 1ml (15 to 30 drops) 20 - 40 lbs 1 - 1.5ml (30 to 45 drops) 40+ lbs 2ml (60 drops)