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ProEM1 Bloating/Diarrhea or ConstipationUpdated a year ago

The first thing I have to say is that everyone is different. I can tell you, that in the past 16 years that we have been selling PRO EM-1, that very few people have complained of bloating issues. I can only remember 1.
That being said, I suggest that you try PRO EM-1, but much less than the recommended dosage. I suggest trying a drop a day and seeing how you react to that. Once your body starts to acclimate, then double to 2 drops per day. Continue this cycle until you are at the 3 teaspoons per day. This may take a month or two. Therefore, I recommend that you keep the PRO EM-1 in the fridge to keep it longer.
Let us know how you feel. And, if you find you aren't progressing with the product, such as you cannot tolerate it at all, we will refund you.
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