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EM-1® Activation and recipes.

Activation instructions and frequently asked questions about activating EM-1®

EM-1 Activation Instructions & Notes

Instructions with ratios can be found on our website. NOTE:  1:1:18 is the new ratio. Directions * Mix ingredients in the container. Check the initial pH with a pH meter or pH paper. * Put on an airtight lid (preferably a screw on lid)

EM-5 Recipe

Click here to download the EM-5 recipe pdf.

EM® FPE (Fermented Plant Extract)

Click here to download our EM® FPE pdf

Does EM-1 Need to be Activated?

EM-1 (Effective Microorganisms-1) does not need to be activated to be effective; it can be used straight out of the bottle. However, many users choose to activate or expand EM-1 as a cost-saving measure. Here's a brief overview of the activation proc

Is an airtight seal really needed for activations?

An airtight seal is not required for activation. Click here for our full guide to activating  EM-1®

Troubleshooting an Activation

They can find activation instructions here.  Please note, they have switched the ratio to 1:1:18 - simply b/c the match is easier to figure out. 1. Check the pH of the original EM-1 and the pH of your activated product. The pH of EM1 should be below

How to check the pH level of activated EM-1®

3.6 is fine for activated EM.   Checking pH The initial fermentation process takes roughly 3-5 days. During this time sugars are being digested by the microbes. As they do this, they produce various acids that cause the pH to drop. pH is the

How Do You Know You Had a Successful EM-1 Activation?

To determine if your EM-1 (Effective Microorganisms-1) activation process was successful, you can look for several key indicators:. pH Level: One of the most reliable indicators of successful activation is the pH level of the solution. A successfully

What is the Shelf Life of Activated EM-1?

The shelf life of activated EM-1 typically varies depending on storage conditions. Generally, activated EM-1 should be used within 1 to 2 months for optimal effectiveness. Cooler room temperatures (around 10-20°C or 50-68°F) can help prolong its viab