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EM-1® Activation and recipes.

Activation instructions and frequently asked questions about activating EM-1®


EM-1 Activation Instructions & Notes

Instructions with ratios can be found on our website. NOTE:  1:1:18 is the new ratio. Directions * Mix ingredients in the container. Check the initial pH with a pH meter or pH paper. * Put on an airtight lid (preferably a screw on lid)

EM-5 Recipe

Click here to download the EM-5 recipe pdf.

EM® FPE (Fermented Plant Extract)

Click here to download our EM® FPE pdf

Is an airtight seal really needed for activations?

An airtight seal is not required for activation. Click here for our full guide to activating  EM-1®

Troubleshooting an Activation

They can find activation instructions here.  Please note, they have switched the ratio to 1:1:18 - simply b/c the match is easier to figure out. 1. Check the pH of the original EM-1 and the pH of your activated product. The pH of EM1 should be below

How to check the pH level of activated EM-1®

3.6 is fine for activated EM.   Checking pH The initial fermentation process takes roughly 3-5 days. During this time sugars are being digested by the microbes. As they do this, they produce various acids that cause the pH to drop. pH is the