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How to check the pH level of activated EM-1®Updated a year ago

3.6 is fine for activated EM.

Checking pH

The initial fermentation process takes roughly 3-5 days. During this time sugars are being digested by the microbes. As they do this, they produce various acids that cause the pH to drop. pH is the measurement of Alkalinity (bases) and Acidity (acids). You can easily measure this using some pH paper. The pH paper we sell has a perfect range for testing this. It goes from 3.0-5.5. (Electronic pH meters are sold through scientific companies; however, they require maintenance and calibration and can vary in readings between meters. If you choose to use an electronic meter, maintain it well and use the same meter every time.) The pH paper we sell is very accurate and consistent. There is a color chart on the side of the package that is used to gauge the pH. You generally do not start checking the pH until about 3-5 days after you mix and start the fermentation. However, if you would like to know the starting point and the finishing point, you can check the mixture before fermentation.

When the pH of the solution drops to 3.8 or below and has rested at this pH for 5-7 days, the Activated EM-1® is ready to use. The target pH is 3.5.

It could be the molasses you’re using. Organic molasses tends to not drop as low. You can add an equal amount of vinegar at the beginning and that helps speed up the fermentation. Also, make sure you are using cane blackstrap, not sugar beet molasses.
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