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Product ShippingUpdated a year ago

Do you ship to the US Virgin Islands: Yes, but it needs processed directly from the office. Have customer call in to place the order. 

We tried to order your bokashi online via Amazon to start selling for our boutique in Guam: We do not ship to Guam because we have a counterpart who handles all the Hawaii and Guam sales. EM Hawaii, LLC http://www.emhawaii.com; [email protected] or (808) 548-0396

Canada Shipping: Pro EM and EMX Gold can be shipped to Canada without issue. However EM-1 and our Ag products are not approved by Environmental Canada. We are in the works on approving this and Covid has slowed the process down. Ordering on Amazon has worked before to get around this.

Affiliate Program: We do have an affiliate program. Go to the bottom of the website and find the affiliate program button. Then follow the directions and you will receive a unique URL code and receive 10% commission paid quarterly for any purchases made through your URL code. There is no way to backtrack orders on affiliates. They would have to order through your URL in order for you to get credit. Some affiliates have no activity, whereas some others do very well, depends on how much work they want to put into it. 

My package with Pro EM-1 needed a signature and is now sitting at UPS, does it have ice packs: EM products prefer warmer conditions therefore don't need to be kept cold. We require signatures during cold months because EM product can not freeze and we don't want it sitting on a porch. If weather is above freezing in your area all day, you can put a note on your day releasing UPS from requiring the signature if you are unavailable. 

I purchase some EM-1 through  a vendor name Smartie Store thru Amazon in November and the expiration is in February. Is this the normal shelf life: That product is a little short dated, but you can contact Amazon and I am sure they will issue you a refund or send you new product. EM-1 is typically dated 9-12 months out. You can order directly through TeraGanix in the future. Expiration has been an issue with Amazon in the past. 

Winter Shipping, will my product arrive alive and well: We take precautions when shipping in the winter. We do require a signature on your package so it is not left outside and we also use thermal packaging to reduce freezing. If for some reason it is frozen, we will replace it.

I am ordering a quart of the EM-1 and some toothpaste. The site ways orders of EM-1 are free shipping, but at checkout it wants to add nearly $15 in shipping costs. How do I place order without the shipping costs? The toothpowder does not have free shipping, although we will drop the shipping charges when added to one of our free shipping items.  If you would like to place your order online, please go ahead and do so and I will remove the shipping fees once the order comes through, or you can call 866.369.3678 M-F 9-5 CST and place your order with one of our customer service reps.

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