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Non Toxic Cleaning Products

Water Treatment (i.e. Chlorine, Chemicals, Salts)


Water Treatment

Our well has some arsenic (5xEPA level) and uranium (1.8xEPA level). Do you have any solution for treating water with arsenic and/or uranium contamination? Unfortunately we do not have any information that supports using EM-1 or Ceramics for

Probiotic Hand Wash

Probiotic hand wash for cleaning and moisturizing hands or skin. Can also safely be used on small surfaces such as phones, computers, glasses General Directions: Spray on hands and allow to dry. No need to wash off. • Purified water • Organic

Use of EM in Laundry

Yes, EM-1 can be added to your laundry, add 1/4 cup EM1 along with 1/2 your usual laundry detergent. Our APC500 is made as a cleaner with EM1 as it's base.  Try it around your home for all cleaning applications - for laundry, use 1/2 cup per load