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Common Products/General Questions

Home and Garden Protocols

Almost every product can be used in the home and/or garden. Common Questions

EM as a Pesticide

EM5 is often used as a homemade pesticide. Fermentation extracts properties out of plant materials and the alcohol and retains them in the liquid. The EM•1® in the recipe is the fermentation catalyst. EM•1® itself has no pesticide qualities at all

Does this do anything to pests? Will it damage your product or the plant to use in conjunction with natural bug killer sprays?

No, our products do not harm plants. Our products also do not kill or deter insect pests. You can mix our product with essential oil products or neem oil or insecticidal soap, but it won't kill pests by itself.

I have very clay soil what product can I use??

Apply a 50/50 blend of liquid humic acid and Activated EM-1 several times over the season. You'll want to apply 20 gallons of this mixture per acre (42,500 square feet). This combo will help open up the clay over time. How to activate EM-1®