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Dr Don's Fluoride Free Oral Care

Fluoride free toothpowder and oral rinse

What is shelf life of Dr. Don's Toothpowder?

It is good for at least 2+ years when stored properly.  Sealed when not in use in a cool dry place.

Dr. Don's Tooth Powder and Oral Rinse

Dr. Don's Kit: Great oral care that does not contain harmful soaps or anti-bacterial agents. Best when used together. Oral rinse can be used with a waterpik  Toothpowder has a shelf life of 2 years when stored properly - sealed when not in use in

Will Dr. Don's Kit help reduce tooth decay and strengthen teeth and enamel?

We have not done the testing to see if the Dr. Don's toothpowder will help build enamel or prevent cavities.  We do know that it will help reduce sensitivity, help make alkaline saliva, and help sooth irritated gums.