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Wt1000Updated a year ago

All natural bacterial inoculant for waste management, odor control, compost acceleration and enhanced livestock feed.
General Directions:
See label for specific uses.
Useful Links:
Wt1000 Label
Wt1000 One Page Flyer
Wt1000 Product Information, MSDS Sheets and Other
Common Questions:
What can the microbes of EM do for water: 
EM can break down lignin, carbohydrates, cellulose and other starches in the wastewater sludge. Lab analysis has demonstrated these effects. See research in Sharepoint or on the website for studies. 
Do you have any research or links to research being performed at the wastewater/sludge treatment level: Yes we do have a link below. We may also have more in Sharepoint under research and wastewater.


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