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Why is my bokashi not producing liquid?Updated 4 months ago

Your Bokashi bin might not be producing liquid due to a few reasons:

Not Enough Waste: If you're not adding enough waste to the bin, there might not be enough volume to generate liquid.

Dry Waste Materials: Some types of waste, such as dry bread or leaves, might not contain enough moisture to produce liquid.

Tightly Packed Waste: Overly compacted waste can restrict liquid flow. Ensure the waste is not too tightly packed.

Absorption by Waste: Highly absorbent materials in the bin, like paper or cardboard, could be soaking up the liquid.

Leakage: Ensure the spigot is properly closed and there are no leaks where liquid could be escaping unnoticed.

Environmental Conditions: Cooler temperatures can slow down microbial activity, leading to less liquid production.

It's also worth noting that not producing liquid doesn't necessarily indicate a problem with the fermentation process itself, as long as the waste is fermenting properly and doesn't smell putrid.

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