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What Smell, Color, and pH Indicate that EM-1 is Still Good for Use?Updated 6 months ago

Smell: EM-1 should have a sweet, sour, or mildly fermentative aroma. It should not have an offensive or significantly unpleasant odor.

Color: The color of EM-1 is usually a dark brown. It's important to note that slight variations in color can occur due to natural fermentation processes.

pH: The pH value of EM-1 should be around 3.2 to 3.6. A pH within this range indicates that the microorganisms are in a healthy acidic environment, which is typical for effective fermentation.

If EM-1 deviates significantly from these characteristics, especially if there is a drastic change in smell or color, or if the pH is outside the expected range, it may no longer be viable for use. It's always recommended to store EM-1 properly to maintain its quality and to regularly check these indicators to ensure its effectiveness.

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