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What is the blue mold in my bokashi?Updated 4 months ago

Blue mold in your Bokashi bin is likely a sign of contamination by unwanted fungi. 

While white mold is common and indicates a healthy fermentation process, blue or green mold suggests exposure to air or the presence of materials that should not be in the Bokashi bin (such as large chunks of food that ferment too slowly or the inclusion of materials that do not ferment well). 

It could also indicate that the bin was not sealed properly, allowing air to enter and disrupt the anaerobic fermentation process necessary for Bokashi composting.

To prevent blue mold, ensure your Bokashi bin is airtight, chop larger waste items into smaller pieces, and avoid adding prohibited items. If blue mold appears, assess the extent of the contamination. 

A small amount might not ruin the entire batch, but extensive mold growth could indicate that the fermentation process has been compromised, and the material may need to be discarded.

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