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What happens if you leave bokashi too long?Updated 4 months ago

If you leave Bokashi too long beyond the typical fermentation period of two weeks, a few things may happen:

Over-fermentation: The content may become overly acidic, potentially affecting the microbial balance. This doesn't necessarily harm the composting process but may lead to a stronger odor than usual.

Dry Out: If the bin is not airtight or leaks air, the contents might dry out, slowing down the fermentation process and potentially leading to incomplete fermentation.

Odor Development: Prolonged fermentation can lead to the development of stronger, more unpleasant odors, as the material continues to break down anaerobically.

Mold Growth: Although some white mold is normal and beneficial, leaving Bokashi pre-compost for too long might encourage the growth of other mold types, which may indicate spoilage or an imbalance in the microbial community.

Generally, if the Bokashi pre-compost is left too long but still smells somewhat sweet or like pickles, and mainly shows white mold, it can still be buried or used in the soil. However, significant deviations from this might require careful assessment before use.

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