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What can you not put in bokashi?Updated 4 months ago

In a Bokashi composting system, most organic kitchen waste can be composted, including items that are often problematic in traditional composting methods, such as meats and dairy products. 

However, there are still a few items that should not be placed in a Bokashi bin:

Liquids (like milk or juice) - Liquids can upset the moisture balance needed for effective fermentation.

Large bones - While small bones can break down over time, large bones will not decompose effectively in the Bokashi system and can take a very long time to break down in the soil.

Plastic, glass, metals, or any non-biodegradable materials - These materials do not break down and will contaminate the compost.

Diseased plant materials - To avoid spreading plant diseases in your garden, it's best not to include diseased plants in your Bokashi bin.

Chemically treated wood products - Chemicals in treated wood can be harmful to the beneficial microbes in the Bokashi system and the environment.

Very high-salt food waste - Large amounts of salty foods can inhibit the microbial activity necessary for effective fermentation.

Remember, the key to successful Bokashi composting is creating an environment that supports the anaerobic fermentation process, so anything that disrupts this balance should be avoided.

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