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Using Plant Waste - can it create an FPE or Bokashi?Updated a year ago

I am trying to develop a system to recover nutrients from plant waste without the addition of foreign material from thousands of miles away. I have place all green leaf from harvest of 8000 sq ft canopy into several covered containers that reduced over winter. Then combined into a single 45 gallon can and added 10 gallons of water to submerge remaining plant material. In total was maybe 200-400 lbs of green leaf only last fall. Recipes I have read on FPE typically require equal mass of sugar. Sugar and bran are grown very far away and it seems like a waste resources to transport so far. Can I create a FPE with only leaf? I will have mine tested as is to find NPK, etc. Do you have any ideas or literature for this? It is probably very similar to grass clipping...what do you think the range of NPK will be. Can you suggest a recipe or literature to help me? 

To create an FPE for use, you are essentially activating the EM-1, so yes the sugars are required.  What it sounds like is you are essentially wanting to make compost and you can do that with just the plant materials and EM-1.  You can read more about composting with EM-1 at the links below:

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