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Livestock BeddingUpdated a year ago

We have aprox.150 sheep in a barn with a cement floor. We bed often with clean oat straw allowing a manure pack to develop. Animals are in the barn for the 6 months of winter. We are looking for a product that can be applied to the bedding to control off-gassing of ammonia. We are presently lambing which limits the number of air changes we can due in the barn due to cold temperatures. We try to maintain 45 degrees by heating or cooling. The barn is 300 ft2. Please advise if you have a product for this type of control and application. We do sell products into the livestock industry for these types of applications. We currently have a poultry label called Lt1000 that is applied for ammonia suppression. We also have a product that is added to the feed at 1 gallon per thousand pounds. Again, it is currently only labeled for poultry and is called Ps300. We have been selling this product to a few large shred feeders. One of these does 1M head per year and have been using the product for nearly 4 years.

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