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LivestockUpdated a year ago

I have a 1:128 medicator. What is the ratio for EM-1 to water for this to be supplied in a water line. The medicator will be used for animals: For more details refer to the individual animal protocol category (cattle, swine, poultry, equine, etc.). Generally though Run product continuously in water at a 1:2000 ratio. For a 1:128 medicator with will be 1 quart of product to 5 gallons of water. 

If I pour EM-1 on the salt and minerals for my livestock, will the high salt content have an adverse effect on the microrganisms in the EM-1: would it be best to feed separately. I just would like to understand what would be the best way to utilize your product. You can use EM-1 on salt, in fact we have EM-1 Sea Salt. 

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