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Is the yeast Pseudozyma churashimaensis in. EM1? a study in S. Korea shows it elicits systemic defense of pepper against bacterial and viral pathogensUpdated a year ago

No, EM1 does not contain that particular strain of yeast.  However, EM1 has been shown to greatly help peppers, increasing yield and health.  You can find many articles about how EM1 can help on our website:  


To make sure to clear up some potential confusion, let me make sure I define our products. We sell EM1. You can buy EM1 and use it as is direct from the bottle. Or you can take the EM1 and activate it to make more then use it at the same application rate. The Activated EM1 is much more cost effective. Finally, we do offer Ag1000 which is Activated EM1. It is cheaper than EM1 because we did the activation for you. It is ready to use out of the bottle. You cannot activate Ag1000.

You can learn about activation here: https://www.teraganix.com/blogs/garden-solutions-blog-home-page/activated-em-1-recipe-page?_pos=2&_sid=8cd82fbe1&_ss=r

The link mentions Ag1000 - again, the application of EM1, Activated EM1 and Ag1000 is the same.


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