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Is Activated EM-1 Going to Clog My Drip Irrigation Lines?Updated 6 months ago

Activated EM-1, when properly diluted and used, should not clog your drip irrigation lines. EM-1 is a liquid microbial product that typically flows easily through irrigation systems. 

However, to ensure that it does not cause any clogging, consider the following guidelines:

Proper Dilution: Ensure that EM-1 is adequately diluted according to the recommended guidelines. A highly concentrated solution might increase the risk of clogging, especially if there are residues or sediments.

Filter System: Check if your drip irrigation system has a filter. If it does, ensure that it is clean and properly maintained to prevent any potential clogging from particulates, not just from EM-1 but from any irrigation additives.

Regular Flushing: Periodically flush your drip irrigation lines to clear out any debris or buildup that may accumulate over time.

Quality of Water: The quality of the water used in the irrigation system also plays a role. Hard water, for instance, might have minerals that could precipitate and clog the lines over time, especially when mixed with other solutions.

Check for Sediments: Before using activated EM-1, check for any sediments or residues that may have formed during the activation or storage process. If there are sediments, it’s advisable to strain the solution before use.

Monitor the System: After the initial application of EM-1, monitor your drip system for any signs of reduced flow or blockages. This can help you address any issues early on.

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