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I made my Bokashi for my dog and has had good results, does it matter if its wet or dry?Updated 4 months ago

When using Bokashi for your dog, whether it's wet or dry can matter depending on how you're using it. If you're referring to Bokashi fermented pet waste or a Bokashi supplement for pet health:

Wet Bokashi typically refers to the freshly fermented material, which retains moisture and active fermenting agents. It's often more potent due to the presence of live beneficial microbes. If adding it to your dog's diet as a supplement, it's important to ensure it's properly fermented and safe for consumption. Always start with a very small amount to ensure your dog reacts well to it.

Dry Bokashi is usually the byproduct that has been dried, reducing its moisture content. This form can be more convenient for longer-term storage and may be easier to handle or mix into pet food. Drying might reduce the microbial activity but still offers benefits from the nutrients and pre-digested materials.

For dietary supplements, always consult with a veterinarian to ensure it's appropriate and safe for your pet, especially considering the unique digestive system of dogs compared to humans. 

For disposing of pet waste through Bokashi fermentation, either form can be effective, but always ensure the end product is buried or disposed of safely and not used in gardens for human-consumable plants.

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