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How to use EM-1® for better seed germination.Updated a year ago

Use EM-1® to treat your seeds before planting.

EM-1® can be used on any seed before planting. Be sure the seeds are not already pre-treated with synthetic antimicrobials or fungicides as this can kill the microorganisms in EM-1® . High-quality, organic seeds are best. 

(1) Create a solution of 1 part EM-1®  to 1,000 Parts Water or about 1 tsp per gallon. 

(2) Submerge seeds and let sit for the following times;

  • Small Seeds - 20 to 30 Minutes (i.e. mustard, kale, broccoli, cabbage)
  • Medium Seeds - 30 to 60 Minutes (i.e. cucumber, carrot, peppers, tomato)
  • Large Seeds - 2 to 3 Hours (i.e. pumpkin, beans, squash)

(3) Air dry seeds before planting if they are sticking

(4) Plant the seeds in nutrient rich soil and water with the same EM-1® solution after planting.

(5) EM-1® can be applied weekly throughout the growing season to increase root and plant growth.

(6) Apply EM Bokashi as a top dress after seed planting and throughout the growing season bi-weekly.

Use EM-1® to treat your seedlings before planting.

(1) Create a solution of 1 part EM-1® and 1,000 parts water. This equals about 1 tsp per gallon of water.

(2) Soak roots, doing your best to keep plant out of the water, for 12-24 hours.

(3) Plant in nutrient-rich soil and water in with the same 1:1000 solution of EM-1®.

(4) Sprinkle EM Bokashi as a top dress on the soil.

(5) Continue to apply EM-1® onto the soil or as a foliar weekly and EM Bokashi on the soil surface bi-weekly.

Have some fun with seed planting!

Seeds can easily be started indoors if the weather is not quite right, or you want more control over their growing environment. While some species may not do as well being transplanted, many vegetable varieties do better when started indoors or in the greenhouse. Seed trays work great and are readily available at most plant nurseries, but why not get a little creative and think outside the box instead.




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