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How long does bokashi take to decompose?Updated 4 months ago

Bokashi composting involves a two-stage process: initial fermentation followed by decomposition. 

In the first stage, kitchen waste mixed with Bokashi bran ferments in a sealed bin for about two weeks. After fermentation, the material is not fully decomposed but is rather pickled, making it easier for microbes to break down.

In the second stage, the fermented material needs to be buried in soil or added to a compost pile to decompose completely. The time it takes for Bokashi pre-compost to decompose in the soil can vary depending on several factors including soil temperature, moisture, microbial activity, and the type of waste material. 

Typically, Bokashi waste will decompose in the soil within 2 to 4 weeks under optimal conditions. After this period, the material usually breaks down into the soil, enriching it with nutrients, although harder materials like bones may take longer to fully decompose.

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