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How can I dry my bokashi?Updated 4 months ago

To dry Bokashi pre-compost, follow these steps:

Step #1: Extract the Pre-compost

Once your Bokashi bin has fermented for the recommended period (usually two weeks), remove the pre-compost from the bin.

Step #2: Spread Thinly

Spread the Bokashi pre-compost in a thin layer over a wide, flat surface, such as a tray or a tarp. The thinner the layer, the quicker it will dry.

Step #3: Choose a Drying Location

Select a well-ventilated area that's protected from direct sunlight to avoid killing the beneficial microbes. An airy shed, garage, or covered outdoor area works well.

Step #4: Turn Regularly

Every day or two, turn the pre-compost with a shovel or a rake to ensure even drying and to prevent mold or foul odors from developing.

Step #5: Check Moisture Content

The drying process can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the climate and the thickness of the spread. You'll know it's dry when the material feels crumbly and doesn't clump together when squeezed.

Step #6: Store Properly

Once dry, store the Bokashi pre-compost in airtight containers until you're ready to use it. This will preserve its efficacy and prevent it from reabsorbing moisture from the air.


Drying Bokashi pre-compost is not a common practice, as the primary method of utilizing Bokashi pre-compost involves burying it directly in the soil or mixing it into a compost pile where it can finish decomposing. 

If you choose to dry your Bokashi for specific purposes, such as to use as a slow-release fertilizer, ensure that the process does not destroy the beneficial microorganisms by avoiding excessive heat or direct sunlight.

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