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EM NitroUpdated a year ago

Activated EM-1 is our liquid ready-to-use probiotic for plants and soil. 

Useful Links:
Ag1000 One Page Flyers  - Variety of crops and uses for Ag1000 on a convenient page for print.
Ag1000 MSDS and other docs

See "Agriculture - Crop protocols" or the One Page Flyers for more details on suggested use.
See "TeraGanix Pro Agriculture Products - Local help/resellers" for information on local reps for agriculture operations or more in-depth questions or to set up.

Common Questions:

Clean irrigation lines with an application of 5 gallons per acre, let sit in lines for 4-5 days (or longer if possible), and flush. Depending on how hard the water is, this may need to be done 2-4 times per year. The cost of the Ag1000® is less than sulfuric and it is much safer on people and equipment than sulfuric or bleach.  Continued use of Ag1000® in your farm program will keep the lines clean as long as you use the Ag1000®.


Please note, if you are using fine emitters, you will want to remove them prior to flushing. The amount of material coming through the lines will plug them. Another way to avoid this is if you have a large flush valve at the end of the line to flush out the line.

What is the difference between EM-1 and Ag1000: Ag1000 is a form of activated EM-1 and more economical for large operations or if someone doesn't want to deal with activation. You can also make your own Activated EM-1. See Activated EM-1. 
When we activate for you and make Ag1000 our process is a little different so the Ag1000 product is a little more stable and lasts longer. Ag1000 is great for those who want a ready to use product at delivery. EM-1 is ready to use as well but as is is 20x more expensive than Activated or Ag1000. 

What is the difference between Ag1000 and Activated: See above. Plus Ag1000 has a shelf life of 3 to 6 months; EM-1 has a shelf life of 9 to 12 months. Ag1000 is ready to use and cannot be activated to make it extend more. Both have the same application ratios and stored in the same conditions. 

Does Ag1000 need to be diluted before application: Yes, you need to dilute it at 1:1000 with water to spray. 

Why cant I order Ag1000 online:
We do not offer Ag1000 on our retail site or online. Customers must call the office or contract their local sales rep. 

What is Ag1000s shelf life: The shelf life is 160-180 days. We do have a lab test currently going showing that microbial life does continue to grow but were unsure what species is growing and the affective ness after 180 days. 
Can I pick up a gallon of Ag1000 myself from Alto, Tx (or Tucson): Yes, if you've discussed this with the office personnel. If you're simply looking for 1 gallon of product, EM-1 is probably more practical and can be activated by the customer. Ag1000 is not typically sold in smaller amounts unless for testing or if arrangements have been made. 

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