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Crop Protocol - GeneralUpdated a year ago

Agricultural crop protocols can vary widely depending on crop type and goal of the operation. Most commonly crop operations use Ag1000. Apc500 and Wt1000 can also be used for cleaning and water treatment. 

Common Questions:
I am going to apply your AG1000 to my vineyard soil with my normal spray rig with nozzles which apply product over the full width of the vineyard floor. Is it acceptable to apply AG01000 through my drip emitter irrigation system? I use rural water which is high in salts with total dissolved solids of about 450 to 500. With this water is it still acceptable to apply AG1000 through my irrigation system? What is recommended rate per acre of AG1000 if applied through irrigation emitters? 
Yes, it is fine with salts. Regular application will actually help clean your irrigation lines.  We recommend 1 gallon per acre per week in soil and 1 gallon per acre per week foliar for vineyards.  You can also use Ag1000 to make compost for your vineyard. You would mix 2 gallons per ton on the first mix and compost as normal. We recommend 5 to 10 tons per acre of compost every year. Using the Ag1000 will eliminate the need to cure your compost as it will be biologically stable and mature in about 45 days after the first mix. See Ag1000 Flyers below for more on vineyards.

Would applying EM product benefit in the summer or all year around:  EM-1 and Ag1000 is beneficial all year around unless your area freezes. Otherwise, it is not viable when frozen. The ground needs to maintain a temperature about freezing for at least a week after application.

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