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Can you recommend any way to get rid of the jumping worms? Are they really bad for the soil?Updated a year ago

Why are Jumping Worms bad?


Jumping worms turn rich organic soil into small crumbles that resemble coffee grounds. This depletes nutrients, disturbs the soil fungi and decreases the water-holding ability of soils. All this impacts the health and productivity of your garden plants.


How to get rid of Jumping Worms?


Although jumping worms are large in size, their tiny cocoons can easily go undetected. Adults and cocoons can spread in mulch, soil, plants, and can be carried around on shoes, tools and equipment. There are currently no chemical controls or methods to eliminate them from your garden so prevention is the first step in limiting the spread.  


Here are a few suggestions:


  1. Clean soil and debris from tools and clothing each time you move from one garden bed to the next. We recommend using APC500, an organic cleaner that is safe for plants and soil. 
  2. Don’t move plants from a jumping worm-infested garden to another area. Limiting their spread can help you maintain soil and plant health in non-infested areas
  3. Remove and destroy any worms you find. Every adult captured and killed means a lot fewer egg filled cocoons left behind to further infest your garden.  You can drop them into a container of rubbing alcohol or alfalfa pellets. Once they die you can toss them into the trash.


What to do if you find them in your garden?


Take countermeasures to ensure your soil and plants stay healthy. Increase the microbial population with EM-1 in the soil to ensure your plants stay healthy and to attract the presence of beneficial insects and earthworms. 


Increasing the microbial population will:

  • Improve water absorption
  • Improve plant health and vigor
  • Restore natural resistance to disease and pests
  • Speed up nutrient cycling so your plants have the nutrients they need to thrive
  • Encourage stronger root development
  • Increase the size and yields from your plants


We recommend watering your plants weekly with a dilution of EM-1 and water, 6 oz of EM-1 to 1 gallon of water. 

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