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Can I use the wet Bokashi once fermented with EM-1 or does it need to dry out?Updated 4 months ago

You can use wet Bokashi once it has properly fermented with EM-1 without needing to dry it out. 

After the fermentation process, which typically takes about two weeks in a sealed Bokashi bin, the content can be directly buried in the soil. 

The wet Bokashi, rich in effective microorganisms (EM-1), will further decompose in the soil, enhancing soil microbiology and providing nutrients to plants.

Here's how you can use wet Bokashi:

Bury Directly: Dig a trench or hole in the soil and bury the wet Bokashi at least 6-8 inches deep. This allows the fermented matter to decompose safely without attracting pests, and the nutrients become available to plant roots.

Add to Existing Compost: Mix your wet Bokashi with your compost pile to accelerate the composting process. The effective microorganisms from Bokashi can help break down organic matter more quickly.

Bokashi Tea: Some liquid may accumulate at the bottom of your Bokashi bin. This can be diluted with water (1:100 ratio) and used as a nutrient-rich tea for watering plants.

It's not necessary to dry out Bokashi before using it. Wet Bokashi is effective and ready to contribute to soil health immediately after its fermentation cycle. Just ensure it is fully fermented, with a slight sour smell, before use to avoid any issues with pathogens or pests.

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