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Are EM Technology Products Safe to Use?Updated a year ago

All TeraGanix and EMRO products are considered very/no risk to animals, plants or people. 
Is EM-1 safe on skin: Yes, EM-1 is safe on skin and is often used to clear up skin problems such as acne. EM-1 can be 
mixed into any soap container (dish soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, etc.).
 See the Recipe page on the website for more details on adding to cleaning supplies or soap.
Is EM safe for animals: EM-1 and all TeraGanix Pro products are safe for animal use. EM-1 is not labeled for animal use, although many customers and employees do give it to their pets in drinking water or in their feed. TeraGanix Pro products are labeled for animal use if the customer prefers. 


Do I need to wear gloves while spraying EM-1 or is it fine if it contacted the hands: EM-1 is safe to handle without gloves. 

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