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Aqua1000Updated 8 months ago

Liquid probiotic for aqueous environments. Can be used for fish, shrimp and other aquaponic systems.
Common Questions: 
 How much product for a pond that is approximately 1 acre in size but not very deep: 

So most 1 acre ponds are about 300,000+ gallons.  If you feel yours is less than that you can use the instructions for 100,001-300,000. Depending on of the condition of the pond, you will need to give it several months to fully recover. You should also look at trying to find the source of the nutrients going into the pond which are causing algae growth or slime and try to stop it if you can to prevent this from happening again. A general starting point is to apply Aqua1000 or EM-1 at a rate of 1:10,000 on a monthly basis (100 gallons per acre foot) if the pond is in poor condition. If it is in very poor condition (you can only see a few inches below the surface), the application is done twice per month until desired clarity it achieved. For small ponds, use 1.28 ounces per 100 gallons. In systems that have high flow rates or excessive sludge levels, the addition of EM Bokashi can accelerate sludge digestion.

 Calculating amount of water: 
Taking an average of the volume of the pond to calculate how much EM•1® Waste Treatment you will need is fine. If it is a small pond, say 300 gallons, figure your numbers by using ounces instead of gallons. Follow the application chart on this page to find out how much EM•1® Waste Treatment you will need.
What can the microbes of EM do for water: EM can break down lignin, carbohydrates, cellulose and other starches in the wastewater sludge. Lab analysis has demonstrated these effects. See research in Sharepoint or on the website for studies. 
General Directions:
Extend by mixing in an airtight, sealed clean tank; 1 part Aqua1000™: 1 part molasses: 20 parts water, Allow to ferment until pH is less than 3.6 then allow to mature another 24-48hrs. Use as quickly as possible, within 10 days, per application guidelines below: 
SHRIMP LARVAE (mL/Metric Ton): basic protocol for standard dosage. Applications may vary. Zoea 2: 1 mL Post larvae 4: 130-140 mL Mysis: 30-50 mL Post larvae 5: 130-140 mL Post larvae 1: 60-70 mL Post larvae 6: 150-160 mL Post larvae 2: 80-90 mL Post larvae 7+: 170-500+ mL Post larvae 3: 100-110 mL *Do not apply if dissolved oxygen levels are low. If water turns transparent, decrease dose. 
RACEWAYS: use in water reservoirs at 1:5000 (In 5000L or water use 1L of Aqua1000™). Follow with a daily dose of 250 mL per m3. FEED: (Do NOT use extended Aqua1000™ for feed) Dilute Aqua1000™ in water and spray on feedstock prior to feeding at a rate of 3 uid oz (89mL) per 100lbs. 
For more intensive production the rate may be adjusted up as needed but should not exeed 1 gallon (3.8L) per ton.

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